Clomiphene comes as a tablet to take by mouth. It is usually taken once a day for 5 days, beginning on or about day 3 of the cycle. which is the 3rd day of menstrual flow. what a project? right? yes I did all these. 

on day 11 I will start testing for LH surge at same time we will refrain from intercourse. Imagine that. Sigh......Luteinizing hormone (LH, also known as lutropin is a hormone produced by the Anterior pituatary glad In females, an acute rise of LH called the LH surge triggers ovulation, normally it will show up on day 12-14 from the first menstrual  flow. when the ovulation test become positive for LH,its time to call the Clinic before 8pm. you will go to the clinic as early as 7 AM to obtain a sperm specimen, we prefer fresh semen. thanked God that my husband is an over achiever. the qualified count of sperm for IUI is 20million but my husband sperm count is triple.

The first time we did the IUI, we are so hopeful and happy after the IUI I am very hopeful, I really want to tell the world that I am having a baby soon,I didn't do it I kept with just my close friends and relatives at least they won't criticize. if the procedure is not successful. knowing that the success rate of IUI is only 6-8 percent. after the procedure it feels like its going to be the longest month of my life. I need to wait for my next period if no period meaning I conceived. its heart-wrenching when you don't! IUI has is not easy. after this. you will have cramping,left side or ovary on right side sometimes both, I was so bloated,big time! hopeful? yes! scared? definitely! I am asking myself, is this a good sign? crossed fingers all the time! its not easy to write this blog. I am crying right now. its so painful but I do not want to lose hope because there are a lot of chances,we are both young and normal,perhaps its God's plan. 

After the first month of try, here we come again, another set of clomed,same steps. our second IUI was done last march 22,2011 this time a female infertility practitioner. this time, I am lil sad, I have so many questions in my mind but still hopeful and praying for the good result. 

unfortunately, it wasnt succesful, this time I am a lil bit ready for the emotional pain. I am still hopeful yes I am. I will never give up even though the experience is devastating. sometimes its crazy to think,am I being punished? 

And we came to the last try,the third try, we did just this month (April 22) same process.......I am now feeling the symptoms of post IUI, the bloating,cramps etc. ....

The result will be on May 7....I hope you will follow my story and find out if the third IUI will be succesful. Hopefully it will be!